Hi everyone!!  I am Iona Walker,  I have recently made the jump to re-train as a nail technician/beautician.  I am 35 years old, so this was not an easy choice, especially with a family in tow.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but something always got in the way…..  Not this time,  my heart and determination has been set on completion and qualifications.  I have actually found the one thing I actually love doing on a daily basis.  No day is the same, well, not so far, lol.

I am learning from home due to a whole range of different issues and it makes it so much easier to fit around family life.  Especially if I have to work late at any point.  So far, I am studying a full nail technicians course; spa manicure and pedicure; gel polish and recently added spray tanning to the list.  I have managed to finish the gel polish, just some finishing touches to apply but everything else hangs in the balance at the moment.  The disadvantage to learning at home, is finding out who your real friends are.  My kids have been really great in supporting me and do everything they can to help, my number one guinea pigs, lol.

We’ve started making a lot of plans for the future, the first time in a long time and we’ve set them in stone, so no going back.  Which leaves me with the dilemma of gaining experience…..  If I carry on from home will I manage to build enough of a client base….  Or do I take the plunge and start looking what jobs are on offer and apply once I’ve finished my courses and gained my diplomas….  The joys of life!!

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a fair while, but couldn’t quite decide on whether or not to take the plunge.  I’m on Facebook; Instagram; Tumblr; Swarm; Snapchat and a couple of other sites, so this seemed the natural next step…..


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