I was a bit stuck as to which topic I would like to cover first, my heads been all over the place this last week or so.  But while I was doing swatches of my latest delivery of gel polish, it dawned on me what topic to cover.


Up until I started my gel polish course, I had only ever used standard polish and as far as I can remember, never worn gel polish.  Plenty of hard gels and acrylics (liquid and powder).  So, I started my gel polish course with Essential Nails along with my spa manicure and pedicure course.  The beginning of my gel polish collection arrived along with all my course material.  Their range of gel polishes are rather vast and go by the name of Gelaze.  They are fantastic polishes; nice consistency; good size bottle and so many to choose from, its unbelievable.  They have neons; thermals; glitters and a lot of different collections.  Each bottle costing £12.95, you can imagine how much a whole collection can cost when there’s 10/12 bottles within this collection.  You can buy them in set quantities at a reduced price, but still rather a vast amount of money….. Especially when your a student with a young family.


Although there is money to be made once qualified, it doesn’t help when your first starting out and have other equipment to purchase (I soon realised how much of a small fortune all of my equipment was going to cost) to allow me to carry out even the basic services I was about to be offering as a nail technician.  Then on top of the price of the polish, you have base and top coats, wipe off fluid (which removes the sticky layer left after curing under the UV lamp) and then there’s the soak off fluid (acetone) which you need when it comes to removal of the polish.  Then to add a little twist, some companies are now selling the gel kit that can turn your standard polish into a gel polish.  Cost effective when you have a large collection of polish.

I absolutely love the durability of the gel polish, as long as you look after them right and treat your nails as you should.  Then there’s the fact of the low/no odour compared to the smell that comes with standard polish and (the best part by far…) no smudges because the polish wasn’t quite dry.  Whilst reading the theory side of things, I found out that some polishes can actually take up to 4 days to completely dry!!  The quick and easy drying of the  gel polishes makes it so much easier and quicker when doing nail art.  Whether its adding embellishments or using the polishes for freehand art.


With my love of gel polish growing and not being able to buy too many due to the price of the Gelaze (one of their thermals in the above pic), I began to see what else was on the market.  I’d love to be able to buy things like the Gelaze, CND, OPI and IBD but for the moment they have been placed on my wish list for my future  business/career.  I stumbled across a few different ones and thought I’d try a couple and see where to go from there, my first choice was Elite99 (couldn’t even tell you why I chose them first, a lot has happened since 😉 ).  Before actually taking the plunge, I checked out the brand and did a little bit of research online.  My first order was some glitter gels, base and top coat.

Elite99 – So my order arrived and I was quite excited to give them a try, as it turns out, every time I get nail mail, I’m like a child in a sweet shop ;-).  The brush wasn’t great but I knew the polish was relatively new and everyone has teething problems.  The polish itself looked quite thick on first glance but I ploughed on anyway.  The consistency was a little bit of a problem, so I took my item and tried to make sure that it was evenly spread.  Once cured under my LED lamp, the consistency problem was all forgotten….  The glitter coverage was amazing, wall to wall glitter, I was so glad I had persevered.

There turned out to be a few more larger items that needed purchasing, so my gel polish collection would have to go on hold for a little while.  Whilst I worked my way through purchasing my apparatus, I completed my coursework for the gel polish course, as well as persevering with my other coursework.  Once I had freed up a little cash, off I went to grow my collection further.  The colour polishes are a lot smoother and flow so nicely.  They have good pigment and I think they’re so nice to use and wear.  I have also invested in some of their magnetic, cats eye, various colour ranges, chameleon and thermal collections.  To say they are relatively new and quite low cost, their quality is fantastic and I think I may just have found my gel polish of choice, well…… At least until I can get my hands on some Vetro, anyways 😉


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