Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was led to believe that it was just dodgy salons that used Methyl Methacrylate – a chemical that was used in the monomer when acrylic nails first started being worn.  Originally, the acrylics first practised with, was the same as the acrylics used for dental crowns and bridges.  After there were a number of complaints concerning nail extensions and the damage they were causing, there was an investigation in to the chemicals involved.  MMA, creates a product that is much too hard and can easily tear the nail from the finger.  After testing had been carried out and they realised that MMA was not suitable for cosmetic use, it was banned.  Only to be used in the dental industry.

Fast forward, to the present and you’d expect everyone to adhere to the use of EMA – Ethyl Methacrylate – monomers.  But still some MMA manages to sneek in.  Up until now, all the times I’d been warned about MMA, it was cheap salons that were using it.  I was sat in rheumatology waiting for my consultant, when one of the nurses noticed my nails.  I’ve always bought named brands who only use EMA and now I have found my brand for the time being (possibly full stop), I know I have a trusted brand and don’t need to worry.  But she started tell me about her awful episode and it rang alarm bells straight away.

Being a nurse, nail extensions are not something she could have done due to health and safety issues.  Last year, the poor lady had breast cancer, so while she was off work for a while, decided to cheer herself up and treat herself to a set of extensions.  The lady who carried out the treatment had told her that she’d not long set up working from home, AFTER QUALIFYING as a nail technician.  The nurse had the extensions completed and went away.  Within a few days, the nails became cracked and the natural nail underneath felt extremely sore.  She thought it was due to never wearing them before and had no idea what was going on.  The day later, after her natural nail started coming away, she returned to the lady.  She began to remove the extension, as would any other nail technician.  What she told me next, confirmed what I’d feared……  The nails took hours to remove and when they finally decided they were moving, they were like chewing gum!!  From what I was told, my initial and only thoughts are that the nail technician used a monomer that contained MMA.

In my eyes, the client is putting their hands in your care, so why would you skimp on products??  Even though I’m still training, I pay my money to the branded company I use and only use their products.  It is important that you know what your nail technician is using.  Don’t be afraid to ask to see what they are using, when it comes down to it, its your health that is at risk.  Some of the pictures I’ve seen are hideous, all ten natural nails missing!!!  Never mind all the pain it must cause, there’s all the infections that it can cause too.  Be careful what your having put on your nails

Featured image, from Google images.  Originally from http://www.bella10.com


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