I’d been on Instagram for a fair while, trying no end to build up followers and finding those who I thought would benefit me support, help and business wise.  I’d stumbled across a fair few nail art suppliers but some were extortionate (money has to stretch as a student) or they were over in other countries and the postal costs were major.

As I was going about my business one day, I got a new follower and a lovely message left on one of my pictures.  That person turned out to be Nail Art Elegance.  So I followed back and sat and watched her posts for a while.  I was seeing an awful lot of nice items and she’s a one woman band, just like me.  I then realised that supporting this lovely lady was a no brainer and I checked out her website nailartelegance.com.

I do a monthly nail art box with her, one ever since my first order and add a few pieces in to bulk up the sale.  These monthly boxes are awesome, I’ve never been let down or deflated by any of them.  She manages to surprise me every month with the most gorgeous and amazing supplies, all based around a theme.  Her postal times are amazing, always shipped so fast and mine arrives in 2 weeks.  I’m like a child in a sweet shop when the parcel arrives and can’t wait to get it open.

On her site, she has quite a vast choice of items at very affordable prices.  From decals to embellishments.  I have a hard time choosing what to order each time.  For avid nail art addicts, the monthly subscription box is well worth a buy.

Staying with her and trying to help spread the word has been amazing so far, watching her flourish in what she’s doing.  I highly recommend her to any nail art addict. Go and give her site a try and I promise you will not be let down!!


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