Side Tracked But Adding New Skills

So far, I haven’t been so good with all this blogging stuff and just lately I have had my hands so full its been unbelievable!!

I have been making changes all over the place.  New Facebook page has been set up and launched, with another name change today!!  I tried my hand at a website but decided against it and decided to concentrate on my social media, my Instagram is growing by the day now, so it seems silly to take even more on board.  Last but not least, I have done my training for semi-permanent lash extensions and I’m doing my first case study as of tomorrow!!

This last few weeks have been a bit of a blur but it has been so worth it and its putting me one step closer me opening my own shop, the first of the goals I have set myself.

So, who’ve I done my lash training with?  Well, I followed a good friends advice and signed up with an amazing company, The Eyelash Emporium.  Lucky for me, the same friend has just started teaching with them and she did my training.  The training goes quite in depth and they get you doing hands on stuff there and then.  I’ve got 5 case studies to carry out before being certified and then I’m off!!  If your thinking of training, changing companies or updating your skills, Then I highly recommend The Eyelash Emporium.  They are supportive from the word go and really lovely ladies (who I’ve met or corresponded with so far).  They have social media pages, so go find them and give them a go!!

Now I’ve just got to get this back on track and start getting the reviews done that I’ve had planned for so long.


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