Avon Black Caviar Face Treatment

I’ve been making a lot of changes to my beauty regime just lately. My eyebrows have been handed to someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, so I can grow them back and reshape them. I’m also experimenting with skin care, for hands, feet, face and body.

Just lately, I’ve got back into using Avon through a friend and since starting to put the information together for this, I’ve started being a Rep myself!!

So, I said a while back I was going to do some reviews and only got as far as some of my gel polish. Then I stumbled across the black caviar skin refining kit in one if my Avon sprees.

In the kit I got an eye gel, peel off mask and a night treatment. The eye gel is applied to the lid and under eye twice a day, only a tiny bit is needed, it goes a long way. The face mask is a gel that gets spread thinly and left to dry. I use this twice a week and takes 20 minutes to dry. The night treatment, is a cream that is applied every evening. Not a lot is needed as again, it goes a long way. Its applied using the finger tips in an upward motion, until its all absorbed.

In the three weeks I’ve been using it, I’ve  noticed how much better my skin is. It seems tighter and definitely much softer, with a lovely glow.

After trying it for this short time, I thought I’d do a bit of research. What should I find but all the results I’d found and a whole host of other information on how good the black caviar is for the skin. It can even provide a good base for makeup, one which actually give the skin a bit of protection from the damage makeup can cause. The latter isn’t a cause for concern in my books as I’m not a heavy user of makeup, but always good to know for future reference.

In a but shell, would I recommend the product? Yes, I definitely would.  My skins not getting any younger, so any help from here on in, will be gratefully received!!

So why not give a try for yourself and see what you think 😁


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