3 Paces Forward….

Those who’ve seen most of my posts will know that I’ve had a nightmare in getting my qualification’s finished due to lack of models. Well, finally I’ve had a break through!! 

The first came by way of certification for spray tanning. I actually started this a while back through Essential Nails. But I’d leapt feet first in to a very, very deep hole. My course material arrived and I got straight in to the theory. Read through the guide book, then set up the DVD to watch. Whilst a made a coffee to have whilst watching, I picked up the rest of the pack and had a flick through. To my dismay, I realised their only test center was down the south of England (I’m up in North Wales 😯). Too late to give them a call, so I carried on with the DVD.

A couple of days had passed when I managed to grab some time to give them a call. I explained the situation and how it would cost a small fortune to get me and a model down there, no doubt I would’ve had to pay for an over night stay. “I’m sorry but its our only test center”, was the answer I got. “You don’t have a time frame, so you could come down when you’ve saved enough”!!! I was lost for words, literally.  Thankfully an academy opened down the road, with an affordable price list. I finally got my course booked at the beginning of the month and attended yesterday. One handed, but I managed it, lol.

To boost yesterday even more……  I’d missed a call from a number I didn’t recognise. When I heard the message, I couldn’t believe it. The Eyelash Emporium!!! I quickly grabbed the house phone and gave them a call back. I was so panicked in case I missed them, I was shaking. They’d received all of my coursework and a glowing recommendation from my tutor. I paid the late fee and was so overjoyed on hearing that my certificate should be here by the end of the week!!

OK, so I said 3 paces forward……

I have patiently been promoting my makeup and skincare business (not an easy task when starting another business too!!). I’ve had bits and pieces bought, here and there, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting that first sale from someone who doesn’t know me. The beginning of this week, I saw this happen. So much of a boost, you wouldn’t believe!! Its so nice to finally see your hard work paying off!!

So for all of you who are working hard, but sometimes the finish line is a bit fuzzy…. Keep your nose to the grindstone; keep pushing; keep learning; promote yourself (everywhere, at every opportunity!!) and most of all, remain positive!! It will all pay off, I promise x


Another Piece of My Puzzle Complete.

Another Piece of My Puzzle Complete.

With not being able to sit hours on end in a class room for months of the year, doing courses here and there. Thankfully most haven’t got a deadline for assignments, my illness hold me back at times and must admit, I’d of failed college by now with low attendance. 

One that did have a deadline, was my Individual Eyelash Extensions. Before starting, I asked my “friends” for volunteer models. Alls they’d need to do is have a patch test and then relax and receive a full set of eyelash extensions for free. Needless to say, I soon had enough volunteers or so I thought. As it turned out, I had one friend who actually bothered to stick by me and was patient in letting me get to grips with the application. You can practice as much as you want on a mannequin but it’s just not the same as a real person.

So I had to start searching for models all over again. It soon started approaching my cut off date. They like to have the case studies in within a 3 month window, to show that you’ve progressed. I started panicking as I knew I also need to have surgery on both hands!! As I pulled my hair out in desperation, my cut off date soon came and went. With it being near Christmas, I thought I’d be able to get it done and dusted, not a chance. One of the “friends” who let me down in the beginning messages me and said she wanted some doing. Because she’d already let me down, I wasn’t too inclined on giving more of my time away for free (she had the patch test done right at the beginning and let me down the night before the full set). So I said I’d do them at a massive discount instead.  Sure enough, I was let down. No excuse this time, just completely ignored. Disheartened wasn’t the word by this time!!

Christmas soon came and went, to my surprise, I had a call in the first week of January. They wanted me in for surgery the following week!! Although I was made up that I was getting one of my hands put right, I also knew that it would put me back on my eyelashes again. But it was out of my hands (no pun intended 😜), I was in desperate need of surgery.

Although I’d been told to rest and healing could take at least 3 months, a couple of weeks later I picked my tweezers back up and began practicing. I just made sure it was in small intervals and if I over did it, rested plenty.

I managed a workshop a few weeks later and put together a decent case study. Yesterday, I did my final case study and put together enough evidence to finish my course. 6 months over due and at a cost but I’m so pleased to have persevered. I’ve taken another step forward and nearer my goal.

Not only have I learnt a new skill but lot of other things along the way.  For those on their own journey…. Remain positive, keep your head held high and march on to that goal. If you want it, you must work for it 😘

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What Younique Has Done For Me

What Younique Has Done For Me

It seems like forever since I last managed to get any words down and published. But I’ve had such a trying time this last few weeks and it seems its going to be that way for a little while longer.  With all this going on, its made me look at what I’m doing and made me think what’s working and what I need to change.

Back in January, it was down to another of my little thinking sessions that I realised something was missing and took a look at how I could start making some changes.  One of my biggest changes and moves was to set up another part to my business and expand into makeup and skincare.  When I did this, I had no idea that I would stumble across so many lovely, thoughtful, helpful and kind ladies. I have made so many new friends and regained the confidence that I’d been missing for so long.

Over the past years, the dents I’ve suffered had managed to squeeze most of my spirit and personality out of me. This had left me with a massive question mark hanging over me. Then when I started my adventure into the world of beauty, I got a further kick in the teeth, when so called friends showed their true colours.

So when I received my kit and started chatting to the ladies within my team, it was like a breath of fresh air! I’d finally found like minded ladies and my circle of friends began to grow. I started my training and soon realised that not only was it helping my makeup and skincare business, but my beauty business and ME!! I say helping but when I think about it properly, its more like growing.

I pushed myself to start making short videos, instead of plain old posts. Then something inside me jumped up and said “push to the next level” and before I knew it, I was doing my very first live feed!! Facebook first, then periscope. My next one is Instagram, it’s been left to last as this is where I have my biggest following and I’m slightly more nervous.

So what has Younique actually done for me? I have regained the confidence and personality that had all but disappeared.  I have learnt work on my personal development at all times. I’ve made so many new friends and gaining more by the day. I’ve learnt things about skincare, makeup application and a whole lot more.  All in all, its made and making me a better person whilst also being my business.

If your looking for a sisterhood; ways to boost yourself and your confidence; expanding your knowledge; have fun, all whilst building yourself a business. Then look no further and join me today!

My New Venture

My New Venture


Hey beautiful people!!  I hope the year has started well for you all.  I was a tad optimistic as the new year drew near but with every day so far, I’m quietly getting more and more confident that this year is going to be a good one.

When I was diagnosed with my fibromyalgia, I honestly thought “why do I bother trying?”.  I’d not long began my training for a nail technician, using a home study course due to my circumstances.  I’d already been hit with the brow beating of “you can’t do that” or “home study can’t be used for being a nail tech” and so on.  Never mind the fact that they knew nothing of my background or what turmoil we were going through, yet still on top of it all, I was trying to build a new career.  I managed to get my gel polish course finished, with difficulty due to not being able to get hand models. I’m still trying to get the rest finished, but have also done an eyelash extension course in the mean time.  So slowly but surely, I’m getting the qualifications piled up ready for my final jigsaw piece, which is huge if I manage it.

Last year, before the summer, I was approached by a lovely lady about becoming a Younique presenter.  At the time I was in quite a bad place and couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Instead, we became friends on my social media accounts and kept it on the back burner. I lost count of the times she asked me to join but I already had so much going on.

But something was missing.  I knew I’d finally found my calling in the beauty industry, something I had been searching for all my adult life; I just needed to find that piece of my jigsaw that I couldn’t put my finger on.

A few months back I had to take my eldest daughter to the Dr’s, her mood was low and she has a number of things, health wise, that weren’t helping.  We left the appointment with some answers and a way forward.  Then I saw him a few days later for our usual catch up/sorting out my meds/noting of new issues and as always, at the end of my appointment he asked how things were going at home and how everyone was.  I spoke to him again about my eldest and made him aware of how things really were.  He then changed the way he was speaking to me, from caring GP to caring listener and suggested that her name was put forward for prayer.  Now this wasn’t something new to me, a number of friends have done the same in the past and he said someone was obviously trying to tell me something.  So I left the appointment with my mind racing with thoughts, when my daughter returned from school later that day, I told her what had been said and she thought it was a good idea.  The poor kid had been through all sorts by now and nothing was helping as such.  When I saw my GP at my next appointment, I told him to go ahead and put her name forward.  A few weeks later my daughter had a break through.

Christmas and new year, came and went.  Then my first op for my wrists came through as soon as normality had resumed, things looked like they were on the up!  I’d changed the way I was looking on life and a very good friend was helping me with my positive thoughts, finally life was beginning to move in the right direction.  Whilst in recovery from surgery, I couldn’t do nails or eyelashes, so took to reading most of the time.  One day I checked my emails and found that I’d had another message on LinkedIn, something that was becoming a regular thing.  So I opened it, only to find that someone was trying to recruit me to their team for sales.  I told her I’d take a look at the video she’d sent the link for and that I wasn’t promising anything.  I used the link and found myself watching another video for Younique!!  Instantly, my thoughts returned to the Dr’s words about someone trying to tell me something.  Was my missing piece of the puzzle Younique and makeup??  I pondered on the thought for a couple of days but still came upon the same words from the Dr.  So I emailed the lady back and told her I’d already been contacted by another member and if anything, I’d be joining her team.  I gave myself another day to think and then messaged the lovely lady who’d kindly waited round for me to make up my mind.

Next step was to get myself registered and purchase my kit.  All done in no time at all and got myself started while I waited for my kit to be delivered.  Up to now, I’ve only been part of the team for a matter of weeks but already, I’ve learnt so much and feel I’ve found my missing piece.  I’m currently learning to build my business and having fun at the same time; I’m learning to do makeup properly and how to share my tips and advice.  I’m really looking forward to gaining momentum and building my own team, helping other ladies out there if they need a helping hand.

If you’re interested to see what I’m doing or want to know about any of the products come and find me on Facebook or Instagram, I can answer all your questions and maybe get you joining in as one of my hostesses.  Want to just see what I’m talking about??  Then haed over to my Younique website and see for yourselves.

Thanks for taking the time to read, as I do realise that I have waffled a fair bit today 😉