Building My Team

Building My Team

As some will know, I have started as an Avon Rep to run alongside my beauty adventures. My first campaign was a short one, I had two days from when my brochures were dropped until the deadline for campaign 1, so I thought “why not?”, you never know what’s going to happen. More to the point, there’s goodies to pick up as gifts if you get over a certain level but if not, you can purchase them at a mega low price!! 

I don’t really mix with many in my street, let alone the village and I only had a couple of brochure 16. Where do I start? Were my first thoughts. My next door neighbour was the first to mind, (the only one I actually speak to) and off I went. Before the door could open properly and my mouth open, the brochure was gone!! Brilliant, I’d made the right decision and I was off!!

When I got back in the house my mind was already whirring as to who should I go to next??? Hmmm…… I suddenly remembered that my father in law loves black suede. So we rang and bingo, the next brochure had a home. 

I knew I’d seen an awful lot I’d wanted on my last order but not managed to get it. So I sat down with the brochure and found everything I wanted.

The morning the order was due, I collected the orders and processed them. Between the three of us, I’d managed to get the lower level, which enabled me to get the essential pack for £15. Yes, free would’ve been better but I was more happy to have started. The essential pack contains over £70 of the essentials (moisturiser, perfume, samples, face wash, dry oil spray etc), so even though it wasn’t free, I was more than happy to pay £15 for it.

I’ve just submitted my second order and I’m over the moon with how much I’ve put in!! I couldn’t believe the amount of orders I’d collected and I’d only done a couple of streets. I’ve started on the other half of my estate now, then its out in to the rest of the village.

Now, the other day I had a little option waved under my nose and I’m tempted to go for it if I can raise enough interest. The next step for me, would be team leader. It’s proving a lot harder than I thought right now, but I will keep going and see what I can come up with.

Keep a look out for my reviews, I have one underway!!

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