3 Paces Forward….

Those who’ve seen most of my posts will know that I’ve had a nightmare in getting my qualification’s finished due to lack of models. Well, finally I’ve had a break through!! 

The first came by way of certification for spray tanning. I actually started this a while back through Essential Nails. But I’d leapt feet first in to a very, very deep hole. My course material arrived and I got straight in to the theory. Read through the guide book, then set up the DVD to watch. Whilst a made a coffee to have whilst watching, I picked up the rest of the pack and had a flick through. To my dismay, I realised their only test center was down the south of England (I’m up in North Wales ūüėĮ). Too late to give them a call, so I carried on with the DVD.

A couple of days had passed when I managed to grab some time to give them a call. I explained the situation and how it would cost a small fortune to get me and a model down there, no doubt I would’ve had to pay for an over night stay. “I’m sorry but its our only test center”, was the answer I got. “You don’t have a time frame, so you could come down when you’ve saved enough”!!! I was lost for words, literally.  Thankfully an academy opened down the road, with an affordable price list. I finally got my course booked at the beginning of the month and attended yesterday. One handed, but I managed it, lol.

To boost yesterday even more……  I’d missed a call from a number I didn’t recognise. When I heard the message, I couldn’t believe it. The Eyelash Emporium!!! I quickly grabbed the house phone and gave them a call back. I was so panicked in case I missed them, I was shaking. They’d received all of my coursework and a glowing recommendation from my tutor. I paid the late fee and was so overjoyed on hearing that my certificate should be here by the end of the week!!

OK, so I said 3 paces forward……

I have patiently been promoting my makeup and skincare business (not an easy task when starting another business too!!). I’ve had bits and pieces bought, here and there, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting that first sale from someone who doesn’t know me. The beginning of this week, I saw this happen. So much of a boost, you wouldn’t believe!! Its so nice to finally see your hard work paying off!!

So for all of you who are working hard, but sometimes the finish line is a bit fuzzy…. Keep your nose to the grindstone; keep pushing; keep learning; promote yourself (everywhere, at every opportunity!!) and most of all, remain positive!! It will all pay off, I promise x


Maybelline Nail Wraps

Maybelline Nail Wraps

I was really unsure of whether or not to use nail wraps as I’d heard of so many nightmare stories. ¬†Then I stumbled across these and they were at a bargain price. ¬†So if they didn’t work, it was no odds to me.

The first time I used them, was for a manicure for my daughter as we had no time for gel polish.  Application was a lot easier than I expected and quicker.  No messing round with top coats, just apply, file and away you go.  These have a lovely glossy, textured finish, which finishes of a manicure perfectly.

The next time I used them, I’d been trying to get my toes done for a day but just couldn’t get enough time to sit and do them. ¬†I’ve been using gel polish on my toes for a while now, simply for the durability, my back is bad so the longer I can go between doing my toes, the better. ¬†It was quite late at night, but I knew I had to get them done and it dawned on me how quick they had been to apply to my daughters nails. ¬†I couldn’t quite decide which ones to use, so used a mix of the two packs. ¬†Just as quick and easy applying to the toes as it was to apply to the finger nails and they looked fab!! ¬†I wore them for just over 2 weeks before I decided i wanted a change. i could quite easily got away with a lot longer, had i wanted.

Removal was even quicker.  Simply lift at the edge and peel off.  No residue, no mess.  So much easier and hassle free compared to the process of removing gel or standard polish.

I think the key to using them, for those who have had difficulties, is taking your time and correct preparation of the nail.  Use tweezers when picking them off the backing plastic and placing on the nail, try not to use your fingers.

I’d give these wraps 10/10 on all counts – application, durability, removal and look/finish. ¬†Don’t pass nail wraps by, give them a try, you might surprise yourself!!