With not being able to sit hours on end in a class room for months of the year, doing courses here and there. Thankfully most haven’t got a deadline for assignments, my illness hold me back at times and must admit, I’d of failed college by now with low attendance. 

One that did have a deadline, was my Individual Eyelash Extensions. Before starting, I asked my “friends” for volunteer models. Alls they’d need to do is have a patch test and then relax and receive a full set of eyelash extensions for free. Needless to say, I soon had enough volunteers or so I thought. As it turned out, I had one friend who actually bothered to stick by me and was patient in letting me get to grips with the application. You can practice as much as you want on a mannequin but it’s just not the same as a real person.

So I had to start searching for models all over again. It soon started approaching my cut off date. They like to have the case studies in within a 3 month window, to show that you’ve progressed. I started panicking as I knew I also need to have surgery on both hands!! As I pulled my hair out in desperation, my cut off date soon came and went. With it being near Christmas, I thought I’d be able to get it done and dusted, not a chance. One of the “friends” who let me down in the beginning messages me and said she wanted some doing. Because she’d already let me down, I wasn’t too inclined on giving more of my time away for free (she had the patch test done right at the beginning and let me down the night before the full set). So I said I’d do them at a massive discount instead.  Sure enough, I was let down. No excuse this time, just completely ignored. Disheartened wasn’t the word by this time!!

Christmas soon came and went, to my surprise, I had a call in the first week of January. They wanted me in for surgery the following week!! Although I was made up that I was getting one of my hands put right, I also knew that it would put me back on my eyelashes again. But it was out of my hands (no pun intended 😜), I was in desperate need of surgery.

Although I’d been told to rest and healing could take at least 3 months, a couple of weeks later I picked my tweezers back up and began practicing. I just made sure it was in small intervals and if I over did it, rested plenty.

I managed a workshop a few weeks later and put together a decent case study. Yesterday, I did my final case study and put together enough evidence to finish my course. 6 months over due and at a cost but I’m so pleased to have persevered. I’ve taken another step forward and nearer my goal.

Not only have I learnt a new skill but lot of other things along the way.  For those on their own journey…. Remain positive, keep your head held high and march on to that goal. If you want it, you must work for it 😘

Iona's Beauties


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